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16 August 2022
BIBAs Menu
16 August 2022
Demand for soft skills is on the rise, says BIBAs sponsor, Preston College
9 August 2022
BIBAs finalists urged to make the most of their time in the spotlight
26 July 2022
Once in a generation chance for Lancashire’s young people
19 July 2022
Special rates for BIBAs guests
19 July 2022
Sponsors reflect on the BIBAs entries in 2022 now that finalists have been selected
12 July 2022
BIBAs ceremony planning gets underway in earnest, with biggest ever celebrity act booked
5 July 2022
BIBAs finalists announced as judging in this year’s competition is concluded
21 June 2022
Employer of the Year hopefuls face BIBAs judges as ONS reports lowest levels of unemployment in fifty years
14 June 2022
BIBAs judges meet the makers
7 June 2022
Small businesses face the judges this week in the next round of the BIBAs
31 May 2022
Successful BIBAs applicants have been invited to interview in the next stage of this year’s competition
24 May 2022
BIBAs judges trained and ready to start grilling this year’s applicants
17 May 2022
Resilience remains the watchword for business success in Lancashire says BIBAs organiser
6 May 2022
Lancashire manufacturers, already under pressure on multiple fronts, will feel the pain of Bank interest rate rise says BIBAs organiser
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