Why the BIBAs is ‘the one they all want to win’

There are lots of other business awards out there, so what is it that makes the BIBAs stand out so much, attracting hundreds of top-quality entries every year?

The BIBAs has been benchmarked against some of the world’s leading awards, including the ‘Stevies’ in the United States and even the Queen’s Award for Enterprise here in the UK.

The work was performed by the Lancaster University Management School and confirms that the rigour of the BIBAs judging process means winning businesses really have earned their titles.

Richard Few, founder at Blackburn-based Sales Geek who won the Scale-Up award in 2021, says: “The thing I love about the BIBAs is the judging process. It’s not a five minute affair, they take a really in-depth look at you, so when you win, you know you really deserve it. And you learn so much about your business throughout the process, I’d definitely recommend others give it a go.”

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Why the BIBAs is 'the one they all want to win'
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