Join the BIBAs Bootcamp to boost your chances of glory

With this year’s BIBAs now open for entries, applicants are encouraged to register for the BIBAs Bootcamp on 17th February 2022.

Attendees will be treated to a peak behind the curtain to find out what makes for a winning entry and what the judges look for when deciding who to crown in the various awards categories up-for-grabs.

Norman Tenray, CEO of Longridge-based OBAS UK and a seasoned BIBAs judge, explains: “Whether you’ve entered before or are considering it for the first time, you can really improve your chances of success in the competition by attending the BIBAs Bootcamp.

“Businesses that have done so in the past have all commented on how they gained some really valuable insights into the way the whole process fits together, coming away with a better understanding of how to write a convincing application and how to approach the interview stages of the judging process.

“For me, authenticity has always been key – as judges, we want to hear the real stories of the businesses that enter, backed-up by demonstrable evidence, to hear about the blood, sweat and tears you have invested in your business, the determination and passion in overcoming business obstacles and how you are exemplary in your industry sector – our judges truly understand business and what it takes to succeed.”

Find out how to reserve your place on the BIBAs bootcamp here 

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Join the BIBAs Bootcamp to boost your chances of glory
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