BIBAs judges assemble for training to find “the one they all want to win”

The BIBAs juggernaut arrives at The Anderton Centre this week as judges prepare for their biggest challenge!

With hundreds of applications sifted through, the judges for the 20 categories with gather at the peaceful surroundings of the outdoor pursuits centre near Chorley for one of the most important parts of the awards’ process.

The BIBAs team will welcome them for an intense course on how the judging process works and for them to find “the one they all want to win.”

And this is where the competition ramps up a gear following months of businesses applying in their hundreds in a bid to be on that iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom stage on 20th September.

Lancashire’s best business minds will go through the judging process before next month when they meet the finalists at the interview stage at Deepdale Stadium in Preston, followed by a whistlestop tour of all the finalists when final scores will be totted up and the winners found.

Judges Training is a key date in the BIBAs calendar with them all gathered in the same setting and trained under a an internationally recognised framework so only the most deserving companies take away one of 20 iconic trophies.

David Germain, CEO of the Anderton Centre, said: “Hosting the judges training for the BIBAs is a pivotal moment in ensuring the integrity and fairness of the awards process. It’s an opportunity for us to equip our judges with the knowledge and skills they need to assess entries thoroughly and impartially.

“As judges, we understand the responsibility entrusted to us in selecting the finalists and winners of the BIBAs. The training sessions are invaluable in guiding us through the judging process, ensuring that each decision is made with integrity and fairness.

“The judges training sessions for the BIBAs are a testament to the Chamber’s dedication to transparency and fairness. By providing judges with the necessary tools and guidelines, we ensure that every business is given a fair chance to showcase their achievements.”

You can check out the BIBAs judges for 2024 and learn more about the process here:

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BIBAs judges assemble for training to find “the one they all want to win”
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