Why enter the BIBAs?

Thinking of entering? Here’s why the BIBAs is such a celebrated awards competition

With a ceremony that people often describe as ‘the Oscars of the business world’ there’s no doubt that some of the allure is linked to the anticipation that builds up on the night, the feeling of elation people experience on hearing their business announced as a winner, and the joy that goes with collecting an award in front of more than a thousand of their peers.

But it’s about more than just the ‘Big Night’.

The BIBAs judging process is unlike any other, and is arguably the most robust and unbiased of any business awards competition in Lancashire, having been benchmarked by Lancaster University Management School against some of the most well-known business awards in the world, including the Late Queen’s Award for Enterprise, and America’s Stevies.

We screen each application for suitability first to ensure they meet the minimum entry requirements.

They are then individually assessed and scored by the judges. Crucially, there is no conferring between judges.

At the interview stage, judges again award their own scores without any discussion or debate.

Why do we put so much stock in our processes? And why is it so important for judges to score in isolation?

It’s all about ensuring fairness and removing bias, and making sure that only the most deserving go on to win.

Will that be you this year? Remember, the closing date for applications is 31st March, so you’d better get your skates on.

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Why enter the BIBAs?
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