Judge’s tips

Wondering what our judges will be looking for in this year’s applications? Here’s what they’ve been saying

Jonathan Finch of Big Presence is judging the Scale-up category this year. When we asked him for his thoughts, he gave us some great advice for applicants: “As a judge, I am always seeking out companies that are not only achieving success, but are also innovative in their approach, creating new opportunities, and demonstrating a clear purpose in what they aim to accomplish. I believe that a company’s success is not only measured by its profitability, but also by its impact on society, the people that work there and the effect on the clients that they serve.

“When it comes to creating a great entry for the BIBAs, it’s important to carefully consider the criteria provided and address all of the specific areas that the judges will be assessing. A strong entry form can act as a springboard for further discussions during the face-to-face judging process.”

Jonathan isn’t the first to point out how important it is to make sure your application fully addresses the questions asked and the category criteria.

Alban Cassidyfrom Cassidy+Ashton is judging the Green award this year. He told us: “In considering the Green Business category, I will be looking to see how each entrant has green issues and sustainability enshrined throughout their business activities. I’m not just looking for one or two things that stand out, rather I am looking for a genuinely holistic approach to running a sustainable business.”

If you’ve been paying attention since the launch of this year’s competition, you should have spotted some trends shining through in the advice from judges, and this from Alban reiterates it again: the judges look for evidence that your achievements are a result of culturally embedded systems, processes and aspirations, not just serendipity or a short term focus on improvements in one area.

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Judge’s tips
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