What sets the BIBAs apart from other business awards you might be familiar with?

The BIBAs, or the Be Inspired Business Awards, is one of the most prestigious business awards competitions in the UK.

But that’s what all organisers say about their awards, right, so what is it that sets the BIBAs apart?

Well, firstly, it’s localised to Lancashire. This allows the awards to better recognise the contributions businesses and individuals make to the local economy and society, unlike regional and national awards competitions.

It also makes for a more personalised experience for the entrants, finalists and winners, as they are celebrated by their peers in the local business community.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, our judging process is like no other.

Designed to guarantee impartiality and fairness, it is both rigorous and unbiased, with our trained, volunteer judges independently scoring the applications and interview performances of candidates without conferring, before locking-in their scores using our electronic system. This aggregates the scores for each applicant across all competition stages to identify the winners in each category.

Another unique aspect of the BIBAs is the judges tour. It’s one thing to read about a firm’s achievements on paper, and another to hear about them in an interview, but there’s no substitute for seeing them for real – so that’s what our judges do, visiting applicants at their premises.

And, thirdly, there’s the BIBAs pedigree. As Lancashire’s most high-profile and longest running business awards competition, it’s simply the best known. It’s of the reasons the BIBAs is referred to as ‘the one they all want to win’.

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What sets the BIBAs apart from other business awards you might be familiar with?
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