This year’s judges get their training this week, but why do they need it?

Anyone that’s ever been through it will tell you that the BIBAs judging process is exhaustive and extensive.

We pride ourselves on the rigour with which applications are screened to create a short-list of finalists for interview, and on the process used by our judges in selecting the winners.

It’s all about making sure that only the best-of-the-best collect a trophy.

The entire process and judging criteria is based on research conducted by Lancaster University Management School that benchmarked the BIBAs against some of the world’s biggest business awards competitions.

It ensures that applicants are judged fairly and consistently while removing any room for bias.

This year, we step it up even further with the use of a computerised scoring system.

We provide our judges with training to help them get to grips with the process and criteria so that they make sounder judgements and are better equipped to pick winners.

No other business awards competition in Lancashire goes to these lengths, which is just one of many reasons why the BIBAs are known as ‘the one they all want to win’ – because if you do, you know you truly deserve it.

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This year's judges get their training this week, but why do they need it?
Not long to go now: invitations to interview due out on 30th of May