Not long to go now: invitations to interview due out on 30th of May

In just 13 days, entrants in this year’s BIBAs will find out if their written applications made the grade and whether they’re progressing through to the interview stage of the competition.

Exciting or what?!

The interviews are set to take place between 6th of June and 4th July.

Now’s probably a good idea to start thinking ahead to the interviews just in case:

• What’s your availability like in June and early July?

• Who will take part in the interview? Just you or a small team?

• What will your approach be at the interview? Will different people respond to questions according to topic?

• How are you going to prepare for your interview?

If you’re wondering what to expect, the judges will probe you about what you’ve said in your written application, seeking to fill any perceived gaps, and getting you to expand on and evidence the claims you’ve made. It’s absolutely not about tripping you up (it’s not The Apprentice!) but it is about exploring and validating your entry in detail to then determine your potential worthiness as a winner. So, expect to be grilled, but fairly.

This year's judges get their training this week, but why do they need it?
Not long to go now: invitations to interview due out on 30th of May
BIBAs judges trained and ready to start grilling this year's applicants