The history of the BIBAs – retrospective on the history and evolution of Lancashire’s top business awards

The Be Inspired Business Awards, or BIBAs, has a rich history that dates back to 2008 when the awards were first launched.

They were created by the merging of two different business awards competitions, one hosted by the now defunct government advisory service Business Link and the other by the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.

The 2008 event took place at Blackpool Tower and brought glitz to the business community with former Spandau Ballet front man, Tony Hadley, providing the entertainment to the 600 attendees.

Since then, the BIBAs have grown in size and stature. More categories have been added to reflect the diverse range of businesses operating in the county, and the number of guests in attendance has grown to over 1,000 every year, without fail.

The BIBAs have also become more competitive over the years, with businesses going to great lengths to submit the strongest applications and win their respective categories. Winning a BIBAs award is now seen as a significant achievement, and the recognition that comes with it can help businesses stand out from their rivals – which is why they’ve come to be known as ‘the one they all want to win’.

The competition constantly evolves to reflect the changing nature of the business landscape in Lancashire. As new industries emerge and existing ones change, the awards categories are adjusted to ensure they remain relevant and reflect the current state of the local economy.

The BIBAs have come a long way since their inception in 2008. What started as a small awards ceremony has grown into a significant event that recognises and celebrates the achievements of businesses across Lancashire.

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