Speaking of days to remember…

There’s just 171 days to go until the famous doors to Blackpool Tower Ballroom open to welcome the great and good of Lancashire business.

Have you got your ticket yet? Time is of the essence.

While 20th September may seem a way off, it will arrive sooner than you think. Act today by following these three simple steps:

Firstly, mark the date in your calendar to ensure it remains free.

Secondly, secure your tickets promptly by visiting https://www.thebibas.co.uk/attend-the-bibas

Finally, set reminders in your calendar to arrange formal attire, schedule beauty appointments, and book overnight accommodation if necessary.

Stay tuned for regular updates and reminders from us to ensure you don’t miss out on this spectacular event!

Judges being trained to grill the best of Lancashire business!
Speaking of days to remember…
The journey has started… and ends here…