Judges being trained to grill the best of Lancashire business!

As the BIBAs gain momentum, judges are gearing up for training sessions to uphold the highest standards of fairness, objectivity, transparency, and impartiality.

Judges training takes place on Friday, 26th April.

The BIBAs is organised by the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, which staunchly prioritizes the integrity of the awards process. To ensure this, all judges undergo comprehensive training sessions.

The training sessions will be held at the Anderton Centre near Chorley and will be led by Chamber representatives and experienced past judges. These sessions focus on established protocols and guidelines to ensure fairness and impartiality in the judging process.

Mark Whittle, leading the session at the Chamber, said: “Our judges play a crucial role in the success of the BIBAs, generously volunteering their time and expertise. It’s essential that they are well-prepared to make informed decisions and adhere to our strict judging protocols. Hence, they undergo thorough training sessions before evaluating entries and conducting interviews.”

Save the date… 29th April!
Judges being trained to grill the best of Lancashire business!
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