So, what are the categories?

With a diverse array of 20 categories available, Lancashire businesses of every size and sector have the opportunity to apply for the BIBAs.

But don’t limit yourself to one category – if you think you can fit into two (or more) categories then go for it.

In 2023, the BIBAs saw a triple-winner and a double winner so there’s always the chance your business can walk away with more than one iconic statue!

You can view all the categories – and last year’s winners – here

Be sure to check out the criteria of the categories as well. For instance, if you’re a two-man band, best not apply for Medium Business of the Year, opt for Micro Business, but also don’t let that stop you going for other categories.

Applications close this month!
So, what are the categories?
Go Green and grab a BIBAs gong this year!