Past Winners Stories

We can tell you all about the benefits of applying to the BIBAs, and the process, until we’re blue in the face but we think it’s better that you hear it from our past winners so we’ve been asking them for their comments.

Steve Daniels is creative strategist at Th!nk Creative which won the Digital & Marketing Business of the Year award in 2022.

We asked about the BIBAs judging process and how it had changed the way they look at their business and Steve said: “The judging process was fantastic. The panel were sharp and inquisitive, but it also felt like a conversation with other business-minded people. Some of the thought provoking conversations around sustainability and flexible working had a direct impact on discussions inside our business.”

We get this feedback a lot, with finalists and winners often commenting on the robustness of our judging process but also how it forces participants to step back and really study what’s going on in their businesses.

Another really important aspect of taking part is the reputational impact that finalists and winners gain, but it relies on them shouting about it from the rooftops.

When we asked Steve how they plan to use their success at the BIBAs 2022 to promote their business, motivate their workforce, grow their business, he told us: “We’ve already told anyone who will listen about our win, we use a note in our email signature and the trophy regularly comes out in meetings.”

So there you have it, being part of the BIBAs will get you to take an indepth look at your business and its achievements, but if you win, you’ll need to make the most of it by proudly showing off at every opportunity!

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Past Winners Stories
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