How the BIBAs promote Lancashire businesses: A look at how the awards help promote and elevate local businesses

The BIBAs play a crucial role in promoting and elevating Lancashire businesses. As one of the most prestigious business awards in the region, the BIBAs not only recognise excellence but also provide a platform for businesses to showcase their achievements and gain beneficial brand exposure. Here’s how.

Firstly, the BIBAs offer a unique opportunity for local businesses to gain recognition within the Lancashire business community. By participating in the awards, companies have the chance to showcase their products, services, and innovations to a wide audience. This exposure not only enhances their brand visibility but also helps build credibility and trust among potential customers and partners. You only need to pay attention to our socials too see this in action, especially while the ‘BIBAs On Tour’ judging is underway.

Not only that, the BIBAs foster a culture of excellence and continuous improvement among Lancashire businesses. The rigorous application process requires companies to critically assess their operations, strategies, and impact on the local economy. This self-evaluation process encourages businesses to set higher standards and strive for more growth. Lots of previous winners have said that the introspection leads to innovation too.

The BIBAs also provide valuable networking opportunities for local businesses. The awards ceremony brings together industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various sectors, facilitating connections and collaborations. This networking aspect helps businesses expand their reach, forge partnerships, and explore new business opportunities within Lancashire and beyond.

Lastly, the BIBAs serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups. By highlighting success stories and celebrating business achievements, the awards encourage aspiring business owners to pursue their dreams and showcase the potential of Lancashire as a vibrant business hub.

That’s what you’re part of when you enter the BIBAs.

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How the BIBAs promote Lancashire businesses: A look at how the awards help promote and elevate local businesses
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