Another wave of interviews takes place as BIBAs judges continue their county-wide tour

Finalists in another five categories get to welcome the BIBAs judges this week as they decide the winners in this year’s competition

The second week of final interviews is underway with hopefuls in this year’s Be Inspired Business Awards, or BIBAs, being visited by the judges who will quiz them one last time on their own turf to decide the winners.

Last week, the judges kicked-off with five days of back-to-back interviews, transported around the county in style in the ‘BIBAs Bus’, a luxury Maybach people carrier, as they visited applicants in the Start-Up Business of the Year category, Micro Business of the Year, Small Business of the Year sponsored by Blackpool-based CKS Catering Supplies, Medium Business of the Year sponsored by CATAX, and Business of the Year sponsored by Longridge-based construction supplies firm OBAS UK.

40 businesses will be under the microscope this week in five categories: Service Business of the Year; Manufacturer of the Year; Construction Business of the Year; Leisure & Tourism Business of the Year; and Digital & Marketing Business of the Year.

The ‘BIBAs On Tour’ judging round is designed to give the judges a glimpse of each applicant’s achievements and culture, while allowing them to verify and validate any claims made about their respective performances.

The concept is unique to the BIBAs, with no other business awards competition going to the same lengths to identify the best-of-the-best.

“We believe that manufacturers are the backbone of the regional economy,” said Steve Molyneux of FW Capital that’s sponsoring the Manufacturer of the Year award. “Our goal is to identify businesses that exhibit exceptional manufacturing processes, quality control, and innovation. We are eager to see firsthand the cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices employed by local manufacturers when we go out to visit them.”

For Smooth Radio North West, sponsor of the Leisure & Tourism Business of the Year category, visiting applicants presents an opportunity to see for themselves how they create memorable moments for visitors and contribute to the county’s reputation as a must-visit destination, according to Jamie Griffiths “The leisure and tourism industry is an integral part of Lancashire’s identity. We are eager to explore the unique experiences, exceptional customer service, and innovative offerings of local businesses in this sector to help us choose this year’s winner.”

Accountancy and business advisory firm MHA Moore & Smalley is again sponsoring the Construction Business of the Year award. Joe Sullivan said: “Construction businesses play a vital role in shaping the landscape of Lancashire. As a judge, I’m excited to see the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and sustainable practices employed by local construction companies that are making a lasting and positive impact on our built environment.”

Sponsoring the Digital & Marketing Business of the Year award is TV and video production business Studio RTR. Mark Oulsen Jenkins said that it’s important for businesses in this category to help their clients succeed. “Lancashire is blessed with a lot of talent in this sector. I’m really looking forward to seeing the creative campaigns, impactful strategies, and measurable results achieved by applicants in this category. By visiting their workplaces, we can gain insights into their technological prowess, innovative thinking, and ability to leverage digital platforms effectively for their clients.”

The BIBAs On Tour interviews continue throughout June.

Sponsor spotlight: OBAS UK
Another wave of interviews takes place as BIBAs judges continue their county-wide tour
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