BIBAs on tour reaches half-way stage with judges amazed at Lancashire’s “diversity and talent.”

The BIBAs on tour has officially reached its halfway mark, showcasing the incredible breadth of talent and innovation present in Lancashire’s business community.

As the tour makes its way through the county, judges have been continually impressed by the diversity and excellence of this year’s competitors.

Over the past fortnight, the BIBAs bus has visited numerous businesses across Lancashire, providing judges with an up-close look at the region’s entrepreneurial spirit.

From cutting-edge tech startups to established family enterprises, the variety and quality of entries have highlighted why Lancashire remains a powerhouse of industry and innovation.

Babs Murphy, Chief Executive of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, organisers of the event, said: “BIBAs Tour is a significant milestone. The level of passion, creativity, and dedication we’ve witnessed so far is truly inspiring. It’s a testament to the vibrant and diverse business landscape we have here in Lancashire.”

The judges have echoed this sentiment, praising the remarkable range of businesses participating this year. “The competition is incredibly diverse, reflecting the rich tapestry of industries thriving in Lancashire,” commented one of the judges. “We’ve seen everything from groundbreaking technological advancements to exceptional customer service innovations. It’s been a privilege to meet the people driving these businesses forward.”

Another judge added: “The diversity of the competition is what makes the BIBAs so special. Every business we visit has a unique story to tell and a unique contribution to the local economy. It’s clear that Lancashire is brimming with talent and entrepreneurial spirit.”

The feedback and evaluations from these visits will play a crucial role in determining this year’s BIBAs winners, who will be celebrated at the grand awards ceremony at the Blackpool Tower Ballroom on Friday 20th September.

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BIBAs on tour reaches half-way stage with judges amazed at Lancashire’s “diversity and talent.”
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