Judges’ Tips

As we move towards the application deadline for the BIBAs 2016, on Friday, April 8, we have asked our judges to provide their top tips to applicants.

Each week we will bring you a top tip from each of our judges; here Norman Tenray, the founder of OBAS UK, gives his advice to those entering the awards.

Norman will chair the judging panel which will select the winner of the Small Business of the Year category at the BIBAs 2016.

“Begin your application by writing down your major achievements in the past 12 months and then focus these points down to the most salient details.

“The best applications will be those which integrate all your business’ achievements from a variety of perspectives; that is better than an individual working alone and will unite your employees in pursuit of winning a BIBA.

“Make sure your application reflects what your business is about and captures the DNA of what sets you apart from your competitors and others across Lancashire and beyond.”

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Closing Date: 29th March 2019