Putting their best hooves forward for a BIBAs global gong!

Going global is a big deal in the business world, given that we have never been better connected.

Exporting can take your business to the next level – and it can also have a dramatic impact on the health of livestock across the world, as last year’s winners of Global Business of the Year found out.

Barnacre-based Hoofcount developed the Hoofcount footbath in 2012 which maintains the health and well-being of herds of cows by keeping the hooves free of disease.

Their commitment to cow’s health meant an expansion of the business and the Hoofcount baths are now being shipped to dozens of countries, including Canada, Sweden and the Czech Republic with the number of orders doubling year on year.

And Hoofcount proved that you don’t have to be a big business to go global as they walked away with Small Business of the Year, taking two BIBAs back to their site in the rolling Lancashire countryside.

Anthony Marsh, managing director, said: “We were delighted to go away with the global business of the year at the BIBAs, to have such a simple but effective product highlighted by the judges means the world to the business.

“Hoofcount started off as an idea and, although we are only a relatively small business, the global reach of the bath means we are able to showcase the product around the world, helping farmers with the most important aspect of their herd – their health.

“Going global might not seem straightforward, and there are a number of obstacles to overcome but once you have opened up that avenue, the rest of the world awaits and it’s impact on a business like ours has been incredible.”

The BIBAs Global Business of the Year celebrates service and manufacturing businesses that recognize the significance of exporting in both their current operations and future growth strategies.

Once again, Team Leyland is sponsoring this award and with a global reach in over 70 countries worldwide, the business has experience in exporting goods.

Mick Mayor, managing director, said: “Many businesses limit their sales to the UK market alone, overlooking the vast opportunities available in other parts of the world.

“Venturing into a global market not only facilitates business expansion but also enhances resilience, allowing you to withstand economic challenges in your domestic market by diversifying your sales abroad.

“While Lancashire does have several businesses acknowledged as export leaders, it would be great to have more. And there is no better platform than the BIBAs in which to showcase their products to their peers.”

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Putting their best hooves forward for a BIBAs global gong!
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