Destination Deepdale starts the journey for judges and the judged at the BIBAs

As the BIBAs on tour reaches its chequered flag following a month-long trek around Lancashire, this is the end of a long journey for candidates and judges.

One which might have started putting pen to paper with the application process and ended with the site visit – but very important element was sandwiched in between.

Hosting the BIBAs interviews is a big deal not only for the judges and candidates, but also for the sponsors – and this year it kicked off in style with North End Events.

Destination Deepdale for over 120 finalists where they faced a grilling from the judges who would decide their fate for the next round – and where a winner would be chosen.

The interview process is probably the most intense part of the BIBAs – where candidates meet the people who will score on their initial application – all done and dusted in just 45 minutes.
Providing a comfortable and relaxed setting for both parties was paramount to North End Events, who made sure everyone was looked after.

It also provided a great opportunity for North End Events to spread their wings further into the corporate world – meeting new businesses from across Lancashire.
John Rennie, regional business development manager for North End Events, said: “Hosting the BIBAs interviews at North End Events has been an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our premier venue and services to Lancashire’s top businesses.

“It’s been a privilege to be part of such a prestigious event and to support the first crucial step in the journey to winning a BIBA.

“Being involved in the BIBAs has significantly boosted our visibility and reputation within the local business community. It’s a testament to our commitment to excellence, and we’re proud to play a role in celebrating the region’s outstanding achievements.

“The BIBAs interviews are the first stepping stone to winning one of these esteemed awards, and we’re thrilled to provide a venue that matches the high standards of the competition. It’s inspiring to see so many talented and innovative businesses come through our doors, all vying for the top spot.

“Partnering with the BIBAs has allowed us to connect with some of Lancashire’s most influential business leaders. The exposure and networking opportunities have been invaluable, not just for us, but for everyone involved.”

Sponsoring and supplying the “one they all want to win”
Destination Deepdale starts the journey for judges and the judged at the BIBAs
BIBAs on Tour on its last leg