The role of the BIBAs in promoting Lancashire as a business destination

Lancashire, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and thriving business community, has become a hub for entrepreneurs and enterprises in the UK.

The county owes much of its success to organisations like the North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, and the support it provides to founders and businesses.

The Chamber is the organiser of the annual Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBAs), which play a pivotal role in promoting Lancashire as a premier business destination.

So how does the BIBAs do that?

Recognising excellence

The BIBAs is one of the most prestigious business awards in Lancashire, celebrating the achievements of local businesses across various industries. By highlighting and acknowledging outstanding entrepreneurship, innovation, and success, the BIBAs create a platform for showcasing the excellence that exists within Lancashire’s business community

Promoting business success stories

The BIBAs effectively promotes Lancashire by sharing the success stories of its finalists and award-winning businesses. Through media coverage, press releases, and social media campaigns, the BIBAs puts a spotlight on the accomplishments and contributions of these businesses. This exposure not only enhances the reputation of individual companies but also brings attention to the wider business landscape in Lancashire

Encouraging collaboration and networking

In addition to recognising achievements, the BIBAs act as a catalyst for collaboration and networking within the Lancashire business community. The annual BIBAs awards ceremony serves as a meeting ground for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and professionals from diverse sectors. This gathering creates opportunities for knowledge sharing, forging strategic partnerships, and fostering a sense of camaraderie. The connections made during the BIBAs often lead to collaborative projects, further promoting the county as a destination for successful business ventures

Showcasing innovation and entrepreneurship

The BIBAs place a strong emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. By encouraging businesses to showcase their unique ideas, products, and services, the awards program highlights Lancashire as a hub of creativity and forward-thinking. This emphasis on innovation not only attracts entrepreneurs and startups to the region but also encourages existing businesses to continuously evolve and stay competitive

Supporting business development

Through its comprehensive application and judging process, the BIBAs provide valuable feedback and guidance to businesses at different stages of their development. This support enables companies to refine their strategies, improve their operations, and set higher benchmarks for success. The BIBAs’ commitment to nurturing business growth and development strengthens Lancashire’s reputation as a supportive and business-friendly environment.

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The role of the BIBAs in promoting Lancashire as a business destination
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