Six months on and I’m still buzzing – a winner’s story

Hard to believe it’s been six months since the last BIBAs were held.

For one winner, her triumph – and reaction – is still fresh in her mind.

Nikki Hesford, managing director of The Small Business Academy, winner of Micro Business of the Year, was slightly amazed at winning her first BIBA.

“There is a video floating around somewhere on social media that was captured as my name was announced – I think it’s fair to say I’m pretty gob smacked.

“It’s been six months now and people still come up to me at events and congratulate me on the win, so its clear people take notice of who the winners are.”

Winning her debut BIBA has spurred the business on and Nikki has some advice for those mulling over an application this year.

She added: “I would honestly encourage businesses to apply, even if they don’t think they will win! The process of looking at your financials, profits, forecasts, growth plans, leadership strategies… while answering the questions is a great exercise in evaluating your business, your vision, and how you plan to make it happen!

“Statistically I had a 12.5% chance of winning and an 87.5% chance of not winning – so I was just happy and grateful to have got this far, and expected the journey to end with someone else’s name being called out. Especially as there was some real stiff competition amongst those finalists!”

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Six months on and I’m still buzzing – a winner’s story
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