Scaling Up to new heights with sponsors Turnkey

In today’s dynamic marketplace, the ability to scale up effectively is essential for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition.

And this year’s applications for the tough Scale Up award shows no exception.

Often described as the “next unicorn”, businesses which put their head above the parapet are those who want to invest and grow, despite turbulent economic waters.

Sponsors Turnkey Corporate know all about the benefits of scaling up businesses after helping to implement over 1,000 successful projects across the county and working with others to identify and implement solutions to generate results, in addition to providing long-term growth.

Recent figures say almost 1 million people are employed by scale up companies and UK scale ups make a combined turnover of nearly £500bn for the UK economy.

John Woodruffe, partner and founder of Turnkey Corporate, said: “Scaling a business can be immensely rewarding, but it also presents unique challenges that demand a specialized skill set from the leadership team to ensure sustainable growth.

“Despite the growing scale-up sector in Lancashire, these businesses’ contributions to the local economy often remain overlooked.

“The BIBAs provide an excellent opportunity for the management teams of scale-up businesses to receive recognition for their expertise and dedication while enhancing their company’s profile, ultimately contributing to further growth.”

Lancashire businesses apply in droves for “the one they all want to win”!
Scaling Up to new heights with sponsors Turnkey
Now, it’s over to the judges…