Scale Up Business of the Year

This year, Two Zero is sponsoring the Scale-up Business of the Year award at the Be Inspired Business Awards, the Bibas.

Spokesman Amin Vapari said: “Past winners of this category, like Freedom Heat Pump who took home the trophy last year, and Sales Geek before that, have really set a high bar.

“As a judge, I’m really excited to see which fast-growing Lancashire businesses come forward this time around, and to finding out what it is that’s been propelling them on their growth journey so far.

“It’s easy to talk a good story on growth, so we’ll be keen to see concrete evidence of turnover and headcount rising rapidly in a way that’s sustainable.”

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Scale Up Business of the Year
BIBAs win could provide a timely boost for your leisure and tourism business say organisers as they urge more hospitality firms to come forward