Lancastrian of the Year

There is one award which will be handed out at The BIBAs’ ceremony night which will be selected by a very special judging panel.

The awards’ lifetime achievement prize, Lancastrian of the Year, will be picked by a group of former winners to recognise someone who has contributed to the county’s business community in a special way.

Babs Murphy, Chief Executive of BIBAs’ organisers, the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, said: “The Lancastrian of the Year is an award which recognises achievement over decades, not months.

“It is an award for someone who has contributed jobs, growth, new ideas and enthusiasm and is part of the fabric of what makes Lancashire such a special county to do business in.

“We have received nominations for the prize from across the county over the past few months and it is the job of our current Lancastrians to pick who joins them in this exclusive group.”

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