Interviews taking place this month

Our finalists will have 20 minutes to sell their business to our BIBAs judges when interviews get underway later this month.

Each interview will consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by 35 minutes of questions from our judging panel.

The presentations should cover the following key points:

  • A brief company overview – products, services, turnover, profit, management structure, number of employees, market share.
  • Challenges – over the past year and how the business has overcome and dealt with them.
  • Objectives – what are they and how will you achieve them,
  • Growth plans – what are they and what additional resources/finances will you need – impact on the company in relation to turnover, profit, market share, employee recruitment.

All questions from the judges will relate to the information presented in your application and from the information given during presentation

Businesses 'urged to celebrate both successes and challenges'
Interviews taking place this month
Information treated in the strictest confidence