Have a compelling story to tell – a winner’s tale

Following almost a decade’s hiatus from Lancashire’s premiere awards, Fylde-based ICG decided they had a great story to tell – and it won over the judges.

The Warton-based media and marketing agency last entered the BIBAs in 2014 and only felt compelled to go for the 2023 edition following a momentous year for the business.

“We only enter awards when we feel we have a compelling story to tell,” says managing director Simon Couchman, “and then try and find a mix of suitable awards programmes that match our achievements.

ICG took home the Digital & Marketing Business of the Year in a hard-fought category with some of the best agencies and in-house marketing departments in Lancashire. Following a successful year winning new clients and building the business, ICG took home the accolade.

And to celebrate their win? Well, of course, winning a BIBA does wonders for a business and your marketing! And winning one of the earlier awards in the evening is always good – unless you are paying the bar bill!

Simon added: “We were obviously very pleased and delighted to be recognised. As our category was early in the ceremony, it also meant we could relax and enjoy the evening!

“The win gave the whole team a bit of a winner’s buzz around the office. We promoted the success on our website, socials and updated our credentials presentation. The trophy stands pride of place in our boardroom.”

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Have a compelling story to tell – a winner’s tale
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