BIBAs Foundation

The BIBAs’ dedicated charity was launched in 2014 in partnership with the Community Foundation for Lancashire to support projects for young people aged 16-24 throughout the county. Since its launch it has raised over £100000 thanks to the generosity of the local business community.

The aim of the BIBAs Foundation is to develop an enterprising culture among the youth of Lancashire by supporting young people and empowering them to become motivated, creative and inspired employees, future business owners or leaders.

It seeks to use funding to give the young people of Lancashire the means to flourish, learn and develop business skills or knowledge; continue or expand their enterprising work and build innovative capabilities for the future.

At the BIBAs black tie ceremony we are calling on our guests to join us in our support for the business leaders of tomorrow by donating to the BIBAs Foundation. There are envelopes on your tables for donations. Please give generously.

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BIBAs Foundation
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