There’s never been a better time to scale, says BIBAs sponsor Two Zero

Businesses with big growth ambitions should seize the opportunity as the economy rebounds from Covid, says Two Zero, Lancashire’s support service for scale-up business leaders.

According to most definitions, high-growth businesses are those that consistently increase headcount or turnover by more than 20% a year over three consecutive years.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the OECD, says that high-growth enterprises like this represent a small share of the total business population in most countries, typically somewhere between 2% and 6%.

It also notes that, whilst small in number, these fast-growing firms generate employment opportunities for considerable numbers of people.

Scaling-up like this requires sizeable growth in revenues too, and while recent research by the national business accountancy and advisory firm Hazlewoods finds that only 175 UK businesses have sustained revenue growth of 20% or more in the last five years, the conditions for high growth are improving according to Amin Vepari, programme manager at Two Zero, which is led by Lancashire County Council

He said: “We’re starting to see businesses everywhere putting a real focus on making up lost ground following Covid, and as things continue to loosen up, that creates more opportunities to grow.

“This renewed economic activity compared with a strong talent pool in Lancashire creates the perfect conditions for high-growth companies.

“We have some excellent high-growth businesses in Lancashire and as this scaleup community grows Two Zero will continue to support it through our programmes, insights and opportunities to network with likeminded business leaders.”

Two Zero was founded in 2019 by Lancashire County Council to support leaders of companies aspiring to grow 20% year-on-year. It runs programmes, peer to peer learning events and creates insights that help ambitious Lancashire business leaders develop their scale-up mindset and build companies that are resilient, productive, innovative and profitable.

This year, Two Zero is sponsoring the Scale-up Business of the Year award at the Be Inspired Business Awards, the BIBAs.

Amin said: “Past winners of this category, like Sales Geek who we supported through our Scaleup Resurgence programme and who went on to take home the trophy last year, have really set a high bar.

“As a judge, I’m really excited to see which fast-growing Lancashire businesses come forward this time around, and to finding out what it is that’s been propelling them on their growth journey so far.

“It’s easy to talk a good story on growth, so we’ll be keen to see concrete evidence of turnover and headcount rising rapidly in a way that’s sustainable.”

The deadline for BIBAs entries is looming, with the competition accepting applications until 5pm on Friday 8th April. For more information, visit

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There's never been a better time to scale, says BIBAs sponsor Two Zero
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