Construction firms building a brighter future ahead of the BIBAs

Lancashire’s vibrant construction sector has had remarkable success stories, driven by a number of transformative projects across the county.

From inward investment ploughing in multi-million-pound schemes for infrastructure in the county to cultural projects to can be found in towns and villages, the construction sector is a thriving industry.

Once again, the Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBAs) has seen a diverse array of construction-based companies build up a portfolio worthy of being considered for an award.

Like a number of categories, construction is important within a number of Lancashire businesses, encompassing both public and private sectors who have their own projects to deliver.

The county is home to a dynamic mix of architects, construction companies, contractors, and property developers, each contributing to Lancashire’s evolving skyline.

This thriving sector not only drives economic growth but also enhances the quality of life for residents.

Sponsors EPA Construction are at the heart of the sector in Lancashire and are committed to providing high quality end point assessments to apprenticeships and offer EPAs to apprentices in a whole range of roles, from brick-laying to plastering, painting and decorating.

Jasmin Lewis-Keedwell, director of End-point Assessment, said: “Supporting the Construction Business of the Year award aligns perfectly with our commitment to supporting excellence and innovation within the construction sector.

“We believe in recognising and rewarding businesses that demonstrate exceptional leadership, craftsmanship, and dedication to the industry we are so passionate about.

“As a leading end-point assessment provider within the construction industry, we understand the vital role that these business play in terms of driving economic growth, providing opportunities for people to train and gains skills required to shape our communities.

“We look forward to celebrating the achievements of Lancashire’s construction industry at the BIBAs.”

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Construction firms building a brighter future ahead of the BIBAs
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