The BIBAs Hall of Fame

Connect 2 Cleanrooms of Halton, near Lancaster was the winner of the Change for Growth category at the BIBAs 2013.

When Connect 2 Cleanrooms managing director Joe Govier arrived at the ceremony of the Be Inspired Business Awards in 2013, he knew his business stood a chance of heading home with a trophy.

The business was up for three prizes Manufacturer of the Year, Exporter of the Year and the Change for Growth, and victory in any category would have been pleasing.

However, the boss admitted lifting the Change for Growth prize soon after his firm had moved to much larger new premises and had plans to expand its product range was hugely satisfying.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Govier said: “Change with growth is inevitable, however when reflecting on our business and discussing business development with peers, ‘resistance to change’ is frequently hailed as the biggest barrier to growth.

“Well here we are, receiving an award for embracing what all businesses collectively recognise as one of the biggest business challenges.”

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