What are the three main qualities you look for in any business/individual you visit as part of the BIBAs judging process?

  • Clarity of VISION for where they intend to take the business and to be able to articulate a plan to make progress towards that vision.
  • I would then want to see evidence of ACTION that has been taken in line with the plan, and measures in place to support the claim.
  • Finally, I would expect any business leader to be able to see his own business through the eyes of his CUSTOMER, and be able to explain their perspective of his/her company.


Without naming names, tell us about the one business or individual you were most impressed with during the BIBAs judging process and why?

As a judge in the Customer Service Excellence category for the BIBAs 2014, you are always impressed with a company that can demonstrate that it measures customer satisfaction, and has a review process to drive continual improvement.

Last year, we were privileged to see a young entrepreneur at the forefront of technology, taking his company forward with clear focus on his future customer requirements, and using their technical expertise to achieve competitive advantage.

He fully understood his customer base and his competition, and finally he invested in his workforce to deliver excellent Customer Service.

“Customers will never love a company until the employees love it first”

What would be the one piece of advice you would offer to any BIBAs applicant?

Too many businesses find it acceptable that their customer service is at the same level as their competitors.

To win the customer service award I want to see, and hear, higher ambition and changes implemented that will exceed customer expectations.

Phil Heaven is regional director of leading customer feedback firm, Shoppers Anonymous, and was part of the Excellence in Customer Service panel for the BIBAs 2014.


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