The winners of one of Lancashire’s biggest business awards will have truly earned its iconic trophy, according to one of its leading judges.

Dr Caroline Chesworth, founder of education franchise Mad Science North West, was part of the Entrepreneur of the Year judging panel that visited finalists in the running for the Be Inspired Business Awards (BIBAs).

It was part of a second round of judging that all nominees will take part in having already passed an initial face-to-face interview to make the cut.

Dr Chesworth, a previous BIBAs winner, said the visits she and fellow judges paid to individuals recently had given her ‘a unique insight’ into the success of the candidates and their businesses.

She said: “We had already analysed their applications and then met every candidate in the first round of interviews, so we knew as much as we could going in to the ‘on tour’ round of judging.

“But there is no doubt the visits added to our understanding of what made our candidates so special and meeting their employees and seeing their businesses added to our understanding.

“As someone who has been in front of a BIBAs judging panel, I can say without doubt that those people who win this year’s awards have truly earned the honour.”

Mad Science is sponsoring the awards’ judges ‘on tour’ interviews which come to an end on Thursday, July 2, when the panel picking the prestigious Business of the Year winner visit finalists.

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