What are the three main qualities you look for in any business/individual you visit as part of the BIBAs judging process?

Passion with the right attitude, and knowledge are the first two. The third is a good business strategy – not a complex or lengthy strategy but well thought, structured and achievable.

Without naming names, tell us about the one business or individual you were most impressed with during the BIBAs judging process and why?

We were judging the Employer of the Year in 2014 and exceptionally impressed with all finalists, witnessing the obvious regard the staff have for their employers.

One company in particular had a massive level of respect between all staff and managers.

This was achieved by the employers cultivating an overwhelming sense of pride in the business through genuine employee engagement; the staff were supported in the workplace, in career progress and socially.

The staff we spoke to felt appreciated and were recognised as valued and valuable members of the business.

What would be the one piece of advice you would offer to any BIBAs applicant?

Complete the application form yourself and let the pride and passion you have for your business shine through.

The application form is where you showcase you and your business; it’s the first impression the judges have and you are the best person to make that impression memorable.

Dawn Cheetham is director of catering equipment supplier Commercial Kitchen Services (CKS) and was part of the Employer of the Year judging panel for the BIBAs 2014.

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