A winning story

Peter Heskin, Managing Director, Lancaster based Pinington, winners of  Construction Business of the Year explains his journey through last years competition. 

After being shortlisted 3 times previously and after a turbulent 18 months we felt it was a good opportunity to showcase the hard work and re-structuring we had undertaken within the company and looked at the awards process as a way of recognition for this  

The application process as always makes you dig deep and really evaluate what you do, how you do it and how it benefits employees and clients. The application process is thorough without being to onerous or massively time consuming.

We as a business  love talking about our company and telling other people about what we do. The questions themselves and the way they were asked was more of an informal discussion rather than an interview which gives you more of a free reign to express yourself and the business. The questions asked really made us think about what we had achieved within the past 12 months as it is all too easy to forget the past works and get caught up in the here and now.

The BIBA’s on tour is a unique experience and one that no other awards we partake in practice. It gives the judges an insight into the business daily operations, what we do and the people we have. Members of staff found the process exciting and different as they get the chance to speak to an outsider on their role in the company and daily operations and the feedback from staff was they enjoyed the experience and found it very uplifting.

The judging process and the amount we spoke about our business made us realise that we have achieved so much over the past 12 months and to talk about it and share our experiences as people do like to listen and hear success stories

It was an amazing feeling when our name was called out on the night –  we all took a double take at first then an overriding feeling of price and excitement came over as what we had achieved started to sink in

We have actively shared our success across all social media platforms and issued a short mail to contacts to inform of our success. We are in the process of arranging an event for all staff to thank them for their support and input though the award process and to reward them because we could not do it without them. We hope this award is a catalyst for a new look Pinington and will help move us forward.

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Closing Date: 31st July 2020