Norman Tenray – OBAS UK

Winning Business Person of the Year at the BIBAs 2009 announced Norman Tenray’s arrival in the Lancashire businessman community.

The entrepreneur, who previously operated on the South Coast, arrived in the North West in January 2008 when he acquired four companies from receivership, saving 30 jobs within the local community.

As he stepped onto the stage at the Blackpool Tower less than two years later, he spoke of his genuine surprise at receiving the award and immediately dedicated it to the workforce of the company he formed, OBAS UK.

Speaking after the awards, Norman said: “OBAS trades within one of the sectors of our economy worst affected by the current downturn and it is only through the relentless work of our staff that I am able to receive this award.

“We have tackled severe constraints across a range of areas, including financial, political and legislative challenges, and I am sure we will continue to do so.

“However, as this BIBA bears testament to, by working together which can overcome these constraints and continue to flourish.”

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