Family firms at the heart of the Lancashire economy

Family businesses are a key part of Lancashire’s economy and deserve to be recognised, a leading charity has said.

Age Concern Lancashire is sponsoring the Family Business of the Year category at the Be Inspired Business Awards, The BIBAs, which is now open for applications to its 20 prize categories.

Nearly two thirds of businesses across the UK are family-owned and together employ more than 12 million people.

Suzanne Carr, CEO of Age Concern Lancashire, said: “The family sector was not given the same recognition given to other industries and therefore the needs of businesses were not always taken in to account.

“People often think of family firms as being small businesses but some of the biggest names in UK business like JCB, Dyson, Clarks and Specsavers are family businesses and overall family firms are a bedrock of our economy.

“The stability and long-term outlooks that businesses which are family-owned bring to the economy cannot be underestimated and their importance should be recognised in the same way as other specialist sectors are recognised.”

Norman Tenray, Chair of Age Concern Lancashire, added: “As a charity business, which has people at its heart, we recognise and appreciate the strong values of responsible capitalism which run through family businesses and that is why we are delighted to be sponsoring this category at the BIBAs.

“Now we are urging family firms from across Lancashire to come forward and tell us their stories about their proud pasts and bright futures through their BIBAs applications.”

The BIBAs is open for applications with 20 prize categories on offer to businesses of all sizes and sectors based in Lancashire.

The deadline for entries to be received is Friday, March 27, and the awards’ organisers have confirmed that nearly 100 businesses are getting started.

A spokesman for the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce said: “Through our online application form, firms across Lancashire are starting to tell their inspirational stories to The BIBAs’ judges.

“Some have started, others have finished and we would urge every applicant to think about what truly makes their business special and get that across in the words they put on their form.”

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