Meet our winners – Mike Asher

What was your motivation to enter the BIBAs 2018? Had you entered the BIBAs before? If so, what made you want to enter again?

The BIBAs are a highly recognised and valued award not only across Lancashire but recognised around the UK. We felt our business had grown and developed enough to merit an entry into these prestigious awards.  We had not entered these awards before. 

How did you find the BIBAs 2018 application process? How did the application form make think about your business?

The application process was thorough and rigorous. We could tell from the outset that the judging would be detailed and meticulous. Completing the applications required thought and careful consideration. Entering the various award categories made us focus on each relevant part of our business and examine it from a new perspective, that of an outsider looking in. This new perspective was helpful as it caused us to recognise certain strengths and weaknesses which had not previously been fully appreciated.

What were your impressions of the first round of BIBAs 2018 judging, the face-to-face interviews? How did you involve the rest of your business in this process? Did the questions you were asked by the judges make you think differently about your business?

The first round of interviews were challenging but fun. They gave us the opportunity to showcase our Company to the judging panel and distil out the most notable highlights. Speaking to the judges gave us the opportunity to inject the personal element into the presentation of our business. Companies are all about the people working in them and not just numbers or words written on a page! Yes, the questions did make us think about our business differently. They helped us to see areas for improvement.

What was your experience of ‘The BIBAs On Tour’ second round of judging? What did this give you the ability to show the judges that you couldn’t show in your application or interview? How did your workforce get involved in this process?

The visits were great and we all really enjoyed them. They provided a significant calendar event that the whole company would look forward to, and gave us all the opportunity to show the judges who we were as people and how the organisation worked as a whole. It gave the opportunity for some individuals to shine and stand out to the judges giving them a real flavour for our internal dynamics and the skills and characters that make them successful within our business. Our whole team got involved. From pre-visit Company briefings, to one on one meetings with staff to explain what was happening and help them gain the confidence needed to be ready if the judges chose to speak to them.

How has the BIBAs 2018 judging process changed the way you look at your business? Is there anything your business is doing differently as a result of something you learnt from the judging process?

We will always maintain that new perspective, looking at our business as if through the eyes of an external judge. This is very helpful. We have already implemented some actions which will provide on an ongoing basis an independent external and critical overview of certain areas of the business.

When you heard your name announced at the BIBAs 2018 awards night, how did you feel?

Thrilled, honoured, humbled and incredibly proud of my team.

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If you want to give your business a bigger competitive edge, enter the BIBAs today.

Closing Date: 29th March 2019