Meet our Winners – Kate Lamb

Kate Lamb, Owner, Hest Bank Dental Centre  winner of the Professional Services Business of the Year category at the BIBAs 2018

 What was your motivation to enter the BIBAs 2018? Had you entered the BIBAs before? If so, what made you want to enter again?

We were recommended to enter the awards because of our commitment to service and value to our customers so resulting in a great product.
But I also wanted recognition of my team’s hard work in making dentistry accessible and friendly despite having to run as a business in the modern healthcare climate.

How did you find the BIBAs 2018 application process? How did the application form make think about your business?

The questions made you process your thoughts on your business in a logical and realistic order giving rise to great reflective learning over our recent development and where we now wanted to move too.

What were your impressions of the first round of BIBAs 2018 judging, the face-to-face interviews? How did you involve the rest of your business in this process? Did the questions you were asked by the judges make you think differently about your business?

I took my practice manager to the interview which was very useful to show how the vision become our day to day living.

The questions allowed explanation of the questionnaire which is always difficult to show our passion and true values.

What was your experience of ‘The BIBAs On Tour’ second round of judging? What did this give you the ability to show the judges that you couldn’t show in your application or interview? How did your workforce get involved in this process?

The tour allowed the judges to talk to the workforce directly and realise their passion and commitment and they were the driving force to enter the awards and wanted the recognition for their own person self-esteem and growth.

The workforce did not need any great preparation just to be themselves and answer questions truthfully so it was not too gruelling and experience and the team enjoyed showing off.

How has the BIBAs 2018 judging process changed the way you look at your business? Is there anything your business is doing differently as a result of something you learnt from the judging process?

The team’s motivation and effort has increased after winning the award. They understand the ethos and love being part of it and being recognised for it.

 When you heard your name announced at the BIBAs 2018 awards night, how did you feel?

Initially when we heard our name it was shock then great excitement and pride.

How will you use your success at the BIBAs 2018 to promote your business, motivate your workforce, grow your business?

The success has been great to demonstrate that we can be recognised for our business skills as well as being able to give a great healthcare service to the whole community in which we live.

Social media promotion has increased our standing and help to reassure people when picking a new dentist which is never easy.


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If you want to give your business a bigger competitive edge, enter the BIBAs today.

Closing Date: 29th March 2019