Meet our Winners – Chris Keeney

Chris Keeney, Director, JFN Integrated Solutions  – winner of the New Business of the Year category at the BIBAs 2018

 What was your motivation to enter the BIBAs 2018? Had you entered the BIBAs before? If so, what made you want to enter again?

We had not entered the BIBAs previously but had been aware of it for a number of years and saw it as a good way to profile our business profile and a good opportunity for us to have an outside viewpoint of our business.

 How did you find the BIBAs 2018 application process? How did the application form make think about your business?

Very good process, really made us look and think about our business in a different way than the norm. 2. Application form asked some good questions, many we had not discussed previously.

 What were your impressions of the first round of BIBAs 2018 judging, the face-to-face interviews? How did you involve the rest of your business in this process? Did the questions you were asked by the judges make you think differently about your business? 1.

 Enjoyable. 2. The whole team were excited and routing for us to Win. 3. Most certainly.

 What was your experience of ‘The BIBAs On Tour’ second round of judging? What did this give you the ability to show the judges that you couldn’t show in your application or interview? How did your workforce get involved in this process?

  1. Two very different set of judges with two very different approaches. 2. The interview was very much a one-person interview and did not show the team as a whole. 3. The team were involved from being available in the office to being able to discuss how they see our business, with the judges directly.

 How has the BIBAs 2018 judging process changed the way you look at your business? Is there anything your business is doing differently as a result of something you learnt from the judging process?

It allowed for us to take a step back and see the business from a new angle.

 When you heard your name announced at the BIBAs 2018 awards night, how did you feel?


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Closing Date: 29th March 2019