A Word from our Sponsors

Superfast Lancashire is bringing high speed fibre broadband to 97 per cent of the county by the end of next year so we know all about going the extra mile.

You can work smarter, faster and better with superfast broadband.

“It will help you improve productivity and use your resources more effectively, so it is fitting we celebrate achievements of outstanding local businesses who are doing just that.

“Working more efficiently helps improve productivity which is a huge part of what makes you an award-winning business, and that’s exactly what superfast broadband is proven to deliver.  

“The BIBAs is recognised as the county’s leading business awards and we wanted to be a part of the one they all want to win.”

Tony Morgan, head of business engagement at Superfast Lancashire, headline sponsor of the BIBAs 2014. 

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Closing Date: 31st July 2020