The BIBAs made us look at our business differently

Just applying for one of The BIBAs prizes helped one Lancashire firm look completely differently at how they operate.

Chris Keeney, Director of JFN Integrated Solitions which won New Business of the Year at the BIBAs 2018, said the process from application form to judges’ interviews gave him a different perspective.

He said: “The process of applying for The BIBAs is a very good one and it really make us think about our business in a different way than we normally would.

“The application form asked many good questions which we would not normally have discussed and, as a result of those discussions, we began to think and do things differently.

“The whole process allowed for us to take a step back and see the business from a completely different angle.”

Since its began in 2008, thousands of businesses have gone through the application process for The BIBAs, including entry forms, interviews with judges and picking up the awards’ famous trophies.

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Closing Date: 31st July 2020