Keep it simple with your applications

“Keep your applications to The BIBAs free of complicated jargon,” is the advice which has given by one of the Lancashire business leaders selecting the winners of this year’s awards.

Adam Holden, a business support officer at Burnley Council, has urged applicants to keep their entries simple and jargon free to have the best chance of being successful

The awards closes for applications on Friday, March 27 and judges will review all entries before informing applicants which have made it through to the awards’ first round of judging.

Mr Holden said: “Applications that showcase the world leading work we do here in Lancashire, snappy and innovative ways of telling us about the work they do and why they deserve to win.

“I want to hear some of the stories of repeated successes and customers that keep returning again and again.

“But keep it simple, don’t get your amazing work get lost in jargon and terminology.”

The first round of BIBAs judging gets underway on May 11. For full details, visit

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Closing Date: 31st July 2020