‘Dare to be different’, our judge urges applicants.

“Dare to be different,” is the advice which one of the The BIBAs’ judges has given to the Lancashire businesses picking up one of the coveted awards.

Vaishakhi Chhotai-Doshi, of Preston-based VCB Photography, is one of the local business leaders who has signed up to select one of the winners of the awards’ 20 prize categories.

She said she was looking for businesses who stood out from the crowd both in their applications and the face-to-face interview they will have to complete before progressing to the finals.

She added: “To run a successful business is not an easy task for any business owners and your business have to be different from rest of the businesses to survive and then to thrive.

“I will be looking for innovative and creative ideas they have implemented in their business to become successful in their sector.

“I would like to know what measures they put in place to provide the very best service to their customers.”

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Closing Date: 31st July 2020