‘Be proud and honest in your applications’, urges BIBAs judge.

“Be proud and honest in your application”, that is the advice of an experienced Lancashire businessman who will help pick a winner at The BIBAs.

Martyn Jones, an experienced business mentor who is judging for the fourth year, said it was the “diversity, enthusiasm, innovation and sheer quality” of Lancashire businesses had impressed him over the year.

He is one of Lancashire business leaders who have signed up to dedicate their time to meeting applicants for the awards’ 20 categories.

Martyn said: “I will be looking for clear, concise answers to the questions and evidence of what is being claimed.
“Having been through the process myself I know how tempting it is to re-use the same sentences or paragraphs to answer the different parts.

“That doesn’t help us as judges when we’re trying to choose the best of the best and we do not look for written perfection, so I would urge people to think about what they are writing, not how they are writing it.”

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Closing Date: 31st July 2020