Top tips from our judges

From June 19, the 18 judging panels for the Be Inspired Business Awards, the BIBAs, will head out to meet applicants for a second time as part of a unique ‘Judges On Tour’ round of judging.

As our applicants prepare to face our judging panels, we have asked some leading lights of Lancashire’s business community to offer some tips on how to prepare to face the BIBAs judges.

Here Andy Mann, Director at The Samuel James Group, who is part of our New Business of the Year judging panel, gives his advice…..


Q. What most impressed you from the BIBAs 2017 applicants you met for face-to-face interviews in the first round of judging?

A. Their passion, innovation and commitment to customer service. Everyone wanted to delight their customers, with a service or product which matched their needs

Also, their clear enjoyment in what they do and seeing their role, not as a nine to five job, but more as an enjoyable way of life.

Q. What is the one thing judges will be hoping to get from the visits they pay to the finalists of the BIBAs 2017?

A. Confirmation that what they said, is delivered in reality, plus that their passion is matched by their employees.

Q. If you had one piece of advice for our applicants, what would it be?

A. Don’t rely on pre-prepared answers, say it as it is and let your passion come through. You are your company’s best salesperson, since you are the company.

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Closing Date: 29th March 2019