Winner’s Tips

Now the BIBAs 2016 application window has closed, we have asked some of our former winners to provide their top tips to applicants preparing to face the panels at the awards’ interview stage.

Each week we will bring you a top tip from each of our former winners, here Chris Wade, the founder of The Networking People, gives his advice to those entering the awards.

The Networking People won the New Business of the Year award at the BIBAs in 2014.

“First and foremost be honest, what you may think of as a weakness is not it’s just a challenge and how you deal with challenges is of major interest to the judges.

“Remember the judges are all successful business people and have been though all the same challenges.

“Take time to have a detailed look at your business and what makes you successful and different from all the other applicants and do your best to convey this.”

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Closing Date: 29th March 2019