BIBAs Briefs

The organisers of one of Lancashire’s biggest business awards have revealed what will happen after their application deadline closes on Friday, April 8.

Babs Murphy, Chief Executive of the North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, which runs the Be Inspired Business Awards, the BIBAs, said its team would get to work on checking the eligibility of every award from next week.

She added: “The BIBAs is a very popular awards and often we will receive applications from all over the country even though we are just focused on Lancashire.

“We have received entries from London, Scotland, even across the Pennines in Yorkshire, and unfortunately we have had to disappoint some people by saying ‘no’ to these entries.

“Once we have checked all the applications are eligible, they will go forward to the judging panels which will select those to meet at the first round of BIBAs interviews – and the BIBAs journey gets underway again.”

The first round of interviews gets underway from May 16 when the panel for the Best Use of IT category meets entrants for the first time, and concludes on May 26 when the Business of the Year panel meets.

Those sessions will select the finalists to go forward to the awards ceremony in September and every individual and businesses picked will receive a visit from their judges during June and July to pick the winners.

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Closing Date: 29th March 2019