The journey so far….

As we head towards the ceremony for the BIBAs 2016, we ask some of our finalists about their experience so far through the BIBAs Journey.

Today, we hear from Tapping Tail Antic, finalists in the Micro Business of the Year category…..

“The BIBAs initial application made me sit and think about my business and were I had come from, and where I am going too.  

“As a team, we are all honoured to be thought of so highly and to get through to the final is an amazing achievement in itself.  It recognises all our hard work, dedication and commitment to our customers both humans and dogs.

“The interview process did feel a little bit scary at first, like being in Lord Sugar’s boardroom, but as soon as I started talking about my business and its achievements my nerves were melted away by my passion. I stunned the judges a little bit as they ran out of questions from all my talking.

“The judges’ visit was made in torrential rain with Scooby Doo was on hand with refreshments and ‘Scooby Snax’.  

“We had fun planning for the judges visit.  The great part about the visit is, it gives you a feel for the business in its entirety.  

“Overall, the process made me take a step back and think, wow have I really done all this in seven years, whilst juggling three kids under four years old with my dogs and other pets and all while setting up a second business.

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Nominations Close: 6th April 2018