The journey so far….

As we head towards the ceremony for the BIBAs 2016, we ask some of our finalists about their experience so far through the BIBAs Journey.

Today, we hear from Ainscough Training, finalists in the Small Business of the Year category…..

“The BIBAs’ application process definitely brings benefits to our business, you have to view your business and development from an outsider’s point of view.

“It challenges you and ultimately this challenge generates more ideas and thinking away from your comfort zone.

“Some of our initiatives might not have happened had we not gone through the BIBAs process.

“I think after every interview we are left questioning ourselves more, it has helped us embrace change positively as a team more.

“The BIBAs ‘Judges On Tour’ round of judging has been a tremendous initiative. To visit our business premises, speak to our staff and customers is the only way to get a true reflection to support our application.”

If you want to give your business a bigger competitive edge, enter the BIBAs today.

Nominations Close: 6th April 2018